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Work without the work

Bring all your cloud files into one place

Company wide

Minbox was built for your company first. Manage people, share instantly with teams and work together seamlessly.

Company Files

Cloud connected

The future isn't about one cloud, it's about many. You can finally connect all your files and keep them organized in one place.

Cloud Files


Your brand matters. Everything you share, whether internally or externally, should be a reflection of that brand. That’s why we let you customize... for free!

Custom Branding


Working together in realtime means that you don't have to wait for syncing or hit refresh for updates. Comment, annotate and update at the speed of light.


Activity and notifications

Easily track all activity across projects and within your company. Receive notifications and digests as people view, download and comment on your files.

Activity Feed


Download our incredible Mac app to upload files from your desktop for quick sharing and to run Minbox on your local machine.

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