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This ain't your average file sharing.

Minbox turns sharing into collaboration. It gives your company or team a whole new way to work together, internally or externally.

Get up to unlimited storage for you and your team - for free!
See things as they happen in a real-time intelligent activity feed.
Create Projects for more focused and organized collaboration.
Real-time, all the time. See things as they happen, not after they sync.
Connect your cloud services to help keep everything in one place.
Everything you share with Minbox is beautifully branded to your liking.

Modern. Lightweight. Fast.

The Minbox UI gets out of the way so you can upload, share, and communicate with ease. No more clunky permission settings. No need to download files. No more than you need.

The bigger your team is, the more storage you get

We think that larger teams should get more storage, so for every team member you have, you'll get an extra 5GB added to your account. For free.

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