Minbox unifies your cloud files

Connect your clouds

Connect to your personal or business clouds, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, Slack and OneDrive with many more on the way. Once a cloud is connected, you can sync specific files or folders with your Minbox that you can then share with your colleagues or clients.

File upload

If you just want to upload a file from your desktop, then that works too. Minbox has easy drag and drop and can pause and resume file uploads independently.

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Minbox for Mac

Download Minbox for Mac for free and quickly get links to files, folders and screenshots. No more fumbling around when you need to send a file right away.

You can also run the full Minbox app on your Mac, saving you the burden of keeping the webpage open all the time. And you'll also get notifications as activity occurs in your Minbox, such as file views, downloads, comments and more.

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Cover mode

Stop sending boring download links to colleagues and clients. With Covers, you can customize the entire recipient experience by making your own cover page. Add a logo, a background, some text, and make it beautiful.

Protect with a password

If you want to ensure your files aren't seen by the wrong person, you can lock the cover and require a password to view. Just click on the Cover icon in the top right of every file or folder.


All of Minbox is real-time, including comments. Engage others in conversation on a file or in a project. Or click on an image to leave an annotation.


Simply type the @ symbol and a menu will appear to mention any of your team members. Draw their attention to something specific anywhere in the app.


Minbox Notes

Work together securely with Minbox Notes. Create quick notes, invite others with a link, and start collaborating.

Quick start

You can start writing a note without the need for logging in. Perfect for a meeting or when you're pressed for time.

Coming Soon...

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Press release

The new Minbox goes beyond organization as a powerful collaboration tool, making it easier than ever to share internally within your company or externally to clients and collaborators.

Gone are the days of sending emails with a list of links and attachments. Now, just create a Minbox folder or project, add your 

stuff and send
the link.

Minbox Slides

Create and share beautiful, responsive presentations... together. Minbox Slides is a brand new take on creating and presenting information.

Early Access

Follow the link below to get on the list of our early beta users.

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