In the ultra-competitive file sharing industry, it can often be difficult to figure out what solution best to suit your needs. Some have been around for a long time, while new players in the game are disrupting the market with better features and workflow. Minbox has only been around for a few years but is… Read More

“BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL BRAND IS A SUCCESSFUL MESSAGE” Diminishing attention spans make capturing an audience on the internet tougher than ever! That’s where Chomp Creative Studios comes in. They are the talented creators of Minbox’s widely popular promo videos that have generated a ton of buzz in the tech community.  They are also avid Minbox… Read More

The Problem with Sending Large Files We’ve all been there… We have a large video file or a handful of audio files that we want to share with a client or friend but none of the traditional methods work: Email attachments have tiny limits: gmail and yahoo mail limit you to 25MB while hotmail limits… Read More

We at Minbox pride ourselves on improving your workflow by seamlessly integrating our solution with your favorite products. It all started with our Minbox for Mac app. And very soon we’ll be improving your Gmail experience with our own extension that will let you attach files of any size to an email. Simply click the attach… Read More

Watch out Dropbox, there’s a new file sharing app in town that lets users share large files faster and free(er). Sure, Dropbox will suffice if you simply have a few spreadsheets to share with your classmates… But if you are a serious photographer, designer, DJ, videographer, architect or anyone else who produces huge files and… Read More

  #FreakingFast Facts: Video editor, JKL Jockey, addicted to Twitter, nocturnal. The Quote: “Client wants random file, client has random file.” The Download: Natums started in studio broadcast, worked through different roles in production until he found himself sitting comfy in post-production. He uses his background in production to work with everyone from the DP… Read More

“You Create. We Send.” Minbox is the latest free file-sharing app that is owning the send space in the fast-paced creative community. They make sending large files online easier by offering a frictionless sending process, a stunning interface to manage files from, and a seamless recipient experience that will impress any client. Oh yeah, and there… Read More

Minbox 1.9 has finally arrived! So much faster, better, and feature rich. Here’s what’s new: *Auto-upload Screenshots: Get a sharable link to your screenshots instantly *Auto-delete Screenshots: Viewed screenshots are moved to your trash, de-cluttering your desktop *Smart Auto-complete: New ranked suggestions in the composer that continue to improve *Native Notifications: Get notifications when someone… Read More