Watch out Dropbox, there’s a new file sharing app in town that lets users share large files faster and free(er). Sure, Dropbox will suffice if you simply have a few spreadsheets to share with your classmates… But if you are a serious photographer, designer, DJ, videographer, architect or anyone else who produces huge files and has better things to do that wait around for your beautiful work to upload… You should take a serious look at Minbox as a Dropbox alternative. Here’s a breakdown of your options:

Dropbox Review

In the red corner, Dropbox, the traditional file sharing app that allows users to add a shared folder to each of their computers. The folders synchronize automatically across each device so that they appear to be the same folder. Only the first 2GB of storage is free, however, with monthly pro plans of 100GB, 200GB, and 500GB available at $9.99, $19.99, and $49.99, respectively.

Dropbox offers a reasonable solution but for power users with high res photos, video, and other media files, the storage space gets eaten up quickly and you’re forced to sink more money into the monthly plan. Uploading these huge files can also be a painstakingly slow task.

Minbox Review

In the blue corner, we have the up-and-coming Dropbox alternative that is taking names and turning heads. Minbox’s free plan allows you to transfer files of unlimited size and does it at an alarming rate 3x faster than dropbox. Upgrade to the Pro plan for $19.99/month to keep all of your files on the cloud for as long as you want.

Minbox also offers some sweet features that make it better than Dropbox, including:

  • Commenting and real-time collaboration
  • Mac app that allows you to click and drag any file to the Minbox icon, enter an email address, and it’s off without you having to wait for the file to upload
  • Enhanced privacy and security features (pro plan)
  • Custom URLs and branding (pro plan)

 Minbox vs Dropbox Comparison

Watch these two heavyweights go at it in this video:

And the Winner Is…

It looks like Dropbox will have to go down a weight class or two because Minbox is a beast of a file sharing app for power users. It’s no doubt the best alternative to Dropbox for anyone looking to send large files faster. It’s free plan still allows files over 2GB to be sent and their pro plan is much more cost effective in the long run.

Still not convinced? Give Minbox a try absolutely free!

The champ is here:

Champ is here