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Diminishing attention spans make capturing an audience on the internet tougher than ever! That’s where Chomp Creative Studios comes in. They are the talented creators of Minbox’s widely popular promo videos that have generated a ton of buzz in the tech community.  They are also avid Minbox users! We chatted with co-founder Al Reyes to learn about the company behind the successful videos and how they have been using Minbox to send files and collaborate with their clients.

Alexander Mimran: What was your inspiration for starting Chomp Creative Studios?

Al Reyes: Our inspiration comes from the increasing need businesses have to clearly and quickly deliver their message to potential customers. Web video provides the unique opportunity to consistently deliver the same message to all users that interact with a brand, and explain what might often be a sophisticated message.

AM: What makes your approach to video and digital marketing unique?

AR: Our approach to video and digital marketing is unique because we truly focus on the message. Before any video is made, or any campaign launched, we must always make sure we are creating the RIGHT message. Our experience and knowledge in digital media buying allows us to create the best message for each type of media channel a business wants to reach.

AM: How do you use Minbox?

AR: Minbox has played a large role in sending files, not only to our clients, but internally to our own team. I have the Mac app downloaded on my laptop so any digital assets, big or small, that I need to send to my team can just be dragged into the interface and sent over. For clients, we will upload versions of their video to a designated collection over the Minbox web app. This gives them the opportunity to compare previous video versions and make comments on any new revisions until we reach the final product.

AM: What do you like most about Minbox?

AR: The best part about Minbox in my opinion is how it lends itself to a fast and efficient workflow. We do a lot of file sending between our team as well as with our clients so I am using the Minbox Mac app heavily. Because the sending process has been made so simple I can continue with whatever else I was doing in a matter of seconds. It is just a very efficient way for me to send files.

AM: What’s your favorite piece of technology (besides Minbox of course)?

AR: My Macbook Pro. I live most of my life off my Macbook Pro and many of my new ideas are generated through my laptop. With all the cloud and communication technology out there, sometimes a computer is all I need to operate from day to day.

AM: Thanks for taking the time Al! Looking forward to working with you on more promo videos in the future!


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