“You Create. We Send.” Minbox is the latest free file-sharing app that is owning the send space in the fast-paced creative community. They make sending large files online easier by offering a frictionless sending process, a stunning interface to manage files from, and a seamless recipient experience that will impress any client. Oh yeah, and there is NO limit on the size of the file you can send. 2GB, 10GB, or even 50GB, it’s not a problem with Minbox!

WeTransfer Review

WeTransfer is a simple file-sharing app that is often used to send large audio and video files from A to B. Founder Bas Beerens and co-founder Ronald Hans created the service (2009) to enable the creative community to easily share large files. You can send files up to 2Gs for free, and store them for two weeks. Unfortunately, WeTransfer does not enable you to manage your files online for free. You have to pay to edit, move, and delete files.

Minbox Review

Minbox is the fastest and most feature-rich WeTransfer alternative for sending and receiving large files. They cut the stress out of uploading big files by offering unlimited file size transfers. And users don’t even have to wait for the files to upload before they can move on to their next task! When the file upload is complete, your recipients simply receive a link to your files in a clean, responsive web gallery. Files can be viewed from any device and you can communicate with your recipients in real-time.

Minbox’s free Mac app makes the sharing process even more seamless and fast. From screenshots and screen recording to using keyboard shortcuts to grab links to files, it’s the perfect tool for power-users.

WeTransfer App Vs. Minbox App




File Transfers

2GB file size limit

Unlimited file size

File Management

Users are charged to manage their files online

Users can manage files for free

Real-time Collaboration Tools


Minbox enables comments between users and recipients


Recipients must download files

No download required for recipients (mobile friendly)

Mac App


Free Minbox for Mac app for faster sending

Upgrade Versions

(Transfers & Storage)

WeTransfer Plus

Transfers = 10GB of data

Storage = 50 GB of storage

Minbox Pro offers unlimited data transfers and storage

Better than WeTransfer: The Real Difference

Minbox is the best alternative to WeTransfer because it’s the faster, more usable option for you, your clients and recipients. You can send files at the fastest rate, your recipients can view your files instantly without downloading, and you can both communicate in real-time in the Minbox collection. You can also personalize the dashboard by adding titles and background designs that cater to your brand, your client’s brand, or the files transferred.

Minbox is also a more cost-effective alternative to WeTransfer. For free, you receive unlimited file transfers and storage. Using WeTransfer you have to upgrade to WeTransfer Plus to get more out of the service and file transfer size is still limited to 10GB!

Want to send large files fast and free with Minbox? Sign up today!